Breweries rely on a variety of  equipment everyday; brew kettle, fermentation tanks, bottling/canning  lines and insuring these items requires some special attention. The potential for loss from equipment breakdown, spoilage, contamination, water or sewer backup, and other items have the potential to bring the brew process to a halt. The resulting loss of income can quickly bankrupt a brewery. A properly structured insurance program from an agent that understand your business can help to avoid coverage gaps and keep your brewery in business.

Can I buy insurance for that?

My hop or bottle supplier had a warehouse fire and they cannot provide me the supplies I need to brew and package my beer, will my insurance cover that?

How would I pay my employees if my brewery were destroyed by a fire, will my insurance help to keep my key employees while I rebuild?

Pallets of beer being bottle conditioned or waiting to ship are damaged by fire or water, will I be paid the retail value or the cost of materials?

My brewery is located in a historic mill building, how will my insurance respond to a loss?

Contact me today and I will put together a program to cover the needs of your brewery.

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