Workers Comp

Experience mods, split point changes, employee care credits, all of these things affect what you pay for workers compensation insurance.  Most brewers don’t understand all the factors that go into the cost of coverage and are probably paying more than they should.

If we handled your workers comp coverage we would monitor claim activity and help you setup return to work programs, preferred medical providers and other things that will help reduce your workers compensation costs. I also have sample safety programs and other things that will help reduce your workers comp exposures.

Would my workers compensation policy cover this?

I take my employees to Belgium each year to tour breweries and learn the history of brewing. If something happens while visiting Europe am I covered?

Next month we will be holding an anniversary celebration at the brewery. If a volunteer is injured while helping me am I covered?

I operated a brewpub, is the rate I pay for workers comp the same as someone that operates a brewery?

Contact me today and I will help your business manage your workers compensation premiums.

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