Bus Tours

Bus Tour

With so many craft breweries opening and the great brewery tours many of them offer it was only a matter of time before people started to offer beer tours. These bus tours typically start at a public parking lot, visit a number of breweries within a short radius serving food and sometimes beer to the passengers of the bus.

These tours create some unique insurance risks and require proper State and Federal filings for the transportation of passengers. Bus owners should work with an agent that understands the liability limits required and the difference between a JB and an MCS-90 filing.

Do I have enough insurance?

While the Federal and State governments have required limits for liability they usually do not require increased limits for medical payments or uninsured motorist. The limits are vitally important for bus owners and should not be overlooked.

My bus has a custom paint job or vinyl wrap, if my bus is damaged will the insurance pay the added expense?

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