Beer/Wine Bars

TapsCoverage and cost of insurance for bars varies significantly based on a number of factors. More and more craft beer / wine bars are opening with a focus on quality drafts instead of low cost happy hours. Some insurance companies have specific programs for craft beer and wine bars. Whether you have 6 taps or 160 I can customize an insurance program that understands you are serving $6 pints and not $2 – 24 ounce light beers.

Bar insurance is far from standardized so when comparing options it is important to understand the coverage; deductibles, if assault and battery is included, excluded or a sub limit, exclusions or warranties within the policy. I will provides options for all your insurance needs including property, general and liquor liability, workers compensation and anything else your bar needs.

Does my insurance cover me for….

One of my customers was involved in an auto accident after leaving my bar. The other person has named me in the suit, do I have coverage to hire an attorney?

A performer in a band was injured while performing at my bar – does my insurance protect performers?

My refrigerator failed overnight causing cheese and other perishables to spoil, will my insurance help replace these items?

Contact me today for a customized insurance program for your bar.

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