Insuring your distillery does not have to be a difficult process. Call or send me an email here and we can setup a time to get together and review your insurance needs. I can help with general and liquor liability, coverage for your distiller and related equipment, workers compensation, auto insurance and anything else your distillery needs at the best possible rates.

Do I have the coverage for this?

My distiller was damaged in a fire – it is going to take 2 months to have another made and shipped to me. How can I pay my key employees during this time so they do not leave to work for a competitor?

I have lots of product in barrels aging before I can bottle and sell it. If something happens to these barrels how will the insurance company value the contents? Will I get the wholesale price or value of materials only?

We provide samples at the distillery for people that stop by for tours, if someone gets into an accident after they leave here will I be protected from a lawsuit?

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