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Retail stores are embracing the craft beer revolution; opening stores that sell only quality beer and increasing the knowledge of their sales staff. Tastings are becoming a common occurrence and increasing the exposure to liquor liability claims. Using insurance companies that understand the craft beer industry I can help manage the risks of high end beer and wine retailers.

In addition to beer and wine stores I have programs for home brew stores and retailers that sell liquor. Programs can include property, general and liquor liability, workers compensation and business auto coverage.

Does my insurance cover this?

One of my coolers malfunctioned freezing the contents, do I have coverage for my lost inventory?

My store offers a beer of the month club and I would like to have a special after hours tasting for the members, do I have coverage if something happens at or after the tasting?

I would like to offer a home brew class at my store but I am worried about damage to the building from fire while teaching the class to brew. If I cause a fire damaging my landlord’s building does my current policy protect me?

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