Wholesalers are sponsoring beer festivals, tastings and other events increasing their exposure to liquor liability lawsuits. This combined with the higher inventory values and increased litigation of auto related injuries are causing the cost of insurance for wholesalers to increase.

Workers compensation can also a big concern for wholesalers with high rates for drivers and warehouse workers affecting the bottle line. Using driver safety programs, pre-trip safety inspections, preferred medical providers and regular reviews of claim data we can help manage your auto liability and workers compensation costs.

What is this and how does it affect my businenss? 

Each year I receive an experience rating worksheet from NCCI. Should I be verifying the information used in the calculation and how does it affect my insurance costs?

I read something about a split point change but don’t understand what this means for my business, who can explain this to me?

One of my drivers has violations and accidents on his driving record, am I paying more because he is delivering beer for my business?

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